Awkward Science Stock Photography

Magnet Face

Most of my blogging time is dedicated to my hit image blog Fresh Photons these days, but I recently came across this great image above on a blog called Awkward Stock Photos. Whimsically, I decided to see what other stock images were available under the tag “Experiment” and I basically laughed my way through 70 pages of results. To be honest, most of them aren’t so bad, but here are some of my personal favourites,

The copper sulfate guzzler,

Chemical Sniffer

The movie villain chemist,

Movie Villain Chemist

90% of the pictures are of scientists squinting at beakers. Ah, so this is how one does science!,

Bored Scientist

Confused Scientist

Shocked Scientist

Shocked Scientist Again

Scared Scientist

Science is serious business,

Serious Scientist

Wait, what?

Business Man Science

Oh, I guess it’s a standard chemical reaction,


Just an alien fetus,

Alien Fetus Science

It’s about time some scientist extracted the essence of love,

Love Scientist

Love extraction failed,

Failed Scientist

On the contrary, this one is titled “successful experiment”. Great Job!,

Successful Experiment

Who let sexy tomb-raider into the lab?,

Tomb Raider Scientist

The ‘dot’ in adds some extra flair to this one,

Sexy Chemist with Bad Teeth

Good old topless chemistry,

Topless Male Chemist

Topless Chemistry

At least wear a bra!,

Topless Chemist

Much better,

Inappropriate Scientist

Girls Gone Wild in the lab y’all,

Alcoholic Scientist

Lensless safety goggles are also all the rage, I hear,

Lensless Goggles

Fun with needles,

Death Scientist

No gloves, but at least he’s focussed on the task at hand,

Careful Scientist

“Ok, Now try being a more menacing scientist”,

Menacing Scientist

This looks bad…,

Not Sure Scientist

Oh nevermind, it’s all good,

Happy Scientist

Blatant animal testing (via interrogation), “ANSWER US, DID YOU LAY THESE EGGS?!”,


Here’s a lady using a multimeter to clean the crap out of her keyboard,

Computer Cleaning

Cheers to good science and a romance-free workplace,


2013 Edit: I compiled a sequel to this post if you’re interested in more exciting science stock photography!

34 thoughts on “Awkward Science Stock Photography

  1. Well the woman with trying to use the multimeter is a mac user so it’s understandable that they don’t know how a computer works.

  2. this would be funnier if these people were not so retarded as to think ‘glasses = smart’ ‘white coats = science’…

    some stereotypes are insulting, other just make you go

  3. My fave are the apparently-tubetop-wearing “scientists.” but, hey, they’re wearing goggles…

  4. I love where the “dot” in “” ended in the “Good old topless chemistry” lady’s mouth…

  5. Dudez, “this looks bad” totally looks like me at work. Almost hurt myself laughing. Then the “never mind, its all good” blindsided me with scientific relief and the laughing, oh the laughing… you made me hurt from laughing. Thanks, I needed this.

  6. Why would an agency watermark this crap? I’d be embarrassed to have my firm’s name on any of these?

  7. I’ve seen that last one before. I think it’s the opening scene from something on the Porn Side of the Internet.

  8. These people have never heard of PIPETTES??? How can there be Science without Pipettes??? Just watch ANY TV news story about ANY science, even astronomy, for God’s sake, and you’ll be treated to the thrilling sight of lab techs using pipettes!

    Love the colored [generic powdered soft drink mix] solutions, too. That and the various kinds of beers.

    Great series!

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