Scientists New Clothes

Designer Lab Fashion, Mink Scarf, Gucci Sunglasses

For some people clothing is just a formality (where’s all the nudist laboratories at?). For others people clothing is an expression of ones individuality. For me it’s just a clever way to draw attention away from my hideous face.

Goblin face or not, even I acknowledge that some garments are just off limits. For example, I can understand how designer sunglasses and a purple fur scarf aren’t acceptable in the lab because it literally becomes a safety issue when you are that hot. Thankfully, I’ve prepared a list below of stylish clothing alternatives with much more nerd credibility.

Abstraxx Intelligence 


Glamour Kills Emcee Is Not A Square

Owl Movement

Staple Edumacated Beanie

FHI Newton Tee

Imaginary Foundation Fabric of the Universe

Imaginary Foundation Albert

Upper Playground Outer Space

Adidas Stan Smith Graph

Triple Five Soul Fish Tee

Billionaire Boys Club Astronaut Helmet Shirt


SuperFishal Freebird

Staple Einstein

We just have to accept the fact that not all of us can dress like Nobel prize winners.

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