Great Beards of Science or Standing on the Beards of Giants

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Sure, Improbable Research has a Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists, but what about those of us normal people with luxurious beards? If the Smithsonian Institute’s Flickr gallery can teach us anything, it’s that todays scientists can learn a lot from the fine beardsmanship of our forefathers.

Adolf von Baeyers Beard

Carl Scheiblers Beard

Camille Flammarions Beard

Francis Uptons Beard

Hanns Hoerbigers Beard

James Clerk Maxwells Beard

James Glaishers Beard

Wilhelm Ostwalds Beard

Wilhelm Siemens Beard

Baron Kelvins Beard

Wilhelm Eisenlohrs Beard

John Tyndalls Beard

Havelock Ellis\'s Beard

We cater to all audiences here at Jacks of Science. If joining the Luxuriant Beard Club for Scientists isn’t your cup of tea, you may be interested in purchasing some Jack Black Beard Lube.

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