The Merits of a Formula Sheet

Formula Sheet for Condensed Matter Physics

Click the thumbnail above to catch a glimpse of a single-sided slice of beauty. I cranked it out for my condensed matter physics final tomorrow morning.

Arguably a waste of potential “comprehension-intensive” study time, preparing an excessive formula sheet always puts me at ease (at least until moments before the exam when classmates are chatting about some obscure textbook chapters).

I usually insert inspirational messages into my formula sheets just in case I need that bonus motivation, but this time… see if you can find Waldo!

P.S., I can’t wait until I can take care of this blog again after my finals.

9 thoughts on “The Merits of a Formula Sheet

  1. Oh I love a good cheat sheet. I always keep them, too. In a few months you can re-look at them and feel such strong emotion! These things are like childhood security blankets!

  2. would love to use your notes as a prop in our film. Would you be willing to email me so I can give you more information?

  3. in all my life as student I use this kind of trick to copy some information to my test, is more easy if you use some kind of transparent paper.

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